Encouraging Quotes by Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick
March 26, 2016

Encouraging Quotes by the American singer and actress Anna Kendrick “I’m the person who wouldn’t send back my food even if I got steak when I’d ordered fish.” “The consummate gentleman on the planet today is George Clooney, who never fails to go the extra mile for people. Every person matters to George.” “I’m constantly playing this game in my head where I’m thinking, ‘Can this quote be pared down…


Encouraging Quotes by Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber
March 9, 2016

Encouraging Quotes by the singer first discovered on YouTube Justin Bieber. “I’m crazy, I’m nuts. Just the way my brain works. I’m not normal. I think differently.” “Friends are the best to turn to when you’re having a rough day.” “I make mistakes growing up. I’m not perfect; I’m not a robot.” “It’s cool when fans spend so much time making things for me. It means a lot.” “Not trying…


Encouraging Quotes by James Brown

James Brown
March 9, 2016

Encouraging quotes by the founding father of funk James Brown. “I just thank God for all of the blessings.” “You can’t teach others if you are living the same way.” “I’m kidding about having only a few dollars. I might have a few dollars more.” “My expectations of other people, I double them on myself.” “Sometimes you struggle so hard to feed your family one way, you forget to feed…


Encouraging Quotes by Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra
February 14, 2016

Encouraging Quotes by one of the most popular musical artists of the 20th century – Frank Sinatra. “Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.” “The best revenge is massive success.” “The big lesson in life, baby, is never be scared of anyone or anything.” “You may be a puzzle, but I like the way the parts fit.” “I’m gonna live till I die.” “Basically,…