Encouraging Quotes by Mick Jagger

Encouraging Quotes by the English singer, song writer, and lead vocalist of the Rolling Stones Mick Jagger.

Mick Jagger
Mick Jagger
  • “Lose your dreams and you might lose your mind.”

  • “It’s all right letting yourself go, as long as you can get yourself back.”

  • “I’d rather be dead than singing ‘Satisfaction’ when I’m forty-five.”

  • “There’s no absolutes in life – only vodka.”

  • “A good thing never ends.”

  • “You start out playing rock ‘n’ roll so you can have sex and do drugs, but you end up doing drugs so you can still play rock ‘n’ roll and have sex.”

  • “Don’t you think it’s sometimes wise not to grow up.”

  • “People are so brainwashed by the rules that they don’t know what really matters.”

  • “I got nasty habits; I take tea at three.”

  • “Don’t take life too seriously and always remember: it is just a passing fad.”

  • “The past is a great place and I don’t want to erase it or to regret it, but I don’t want to be its prisoner either.”

  • “You have to sing every day so you can build up to being, you know, Amazingly Brilliant.”

  • “One song isn’t going to ever change things, but I suppose it’s the accumulation of music generally [that is]. If you can imagine a world that has no music in it, it would be a very different world, so music does change the world by virtue of all the music in it. Cumulative music of every kind, from banging a drum to playing a flute or recording symphonies, or singing ‘War, what is it good for?’ All those things change the whole way we live.”

  • “Music should elevate you. You can be raised, or left stranded. You can’t be raised all the time, in my experience. This might be a rare moment. You might just go up to that level but that’s always good.”

  • “You never really know what’s going to happen. You never know what the audience is going to be like or how they’re going to behave.”

  • “You can’t be jealous and be a leader.”

  • “They’re so boring. They’re so pathetic, all those journalists. Most of them are. Most of those kind that write gossip stuff, and most of it’s gossip. Things are just invented about your personal life and you just have to take that. It’s bullshit. People believe it, though. They just believe everything they read.”

  • “I believe we should encourage children to sing and play instruments from an early age.”

  • “People have this obsession. They want you to be like you were in 1969. They want you to, because otherwise their youth goes with you. It’s very selfish, but it’s understandable.”

  • “The only performance that makes it, that makes it all the way is the one that achieves madness.”

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