Encouraging Quotes by Richard Pryor

Encouraging Quotes by Comedy Centrals all time greatest stand up comedians Richard Pryor.

Richard Pryor
Richard Pryor
  • “I can’t just say the words, do a lot of one-liners. I love each person I play; I have to be that person. I have to do him true.”

  • “I believe the ability to think is blessed. If you can think about a situation, you can deal with it. The big struggle is to keep your head clear enough to think.”

  • “But for the use of physical punishment by, and fear of their oppressors, animals would never be a part of a circus.”

  • “The reason people use a crucifix against vampires is because vampires are allergic to bullshit.”

  • “I never met anybody who said when they were a kid, I wanna grow up and be a critic.”

  • “A lie is profanity. A lie is the worst thing in the world. Art is the ability to tell the truth.”

  • “I’m not addicted to cocaine. I just like the way it smells.”

  • “I had some great things and I had some bad things. The best and the worst . . . In other words, I had a life.”

  • “You don’t get to be old bein’ no fool…”

  • “Everyone carries around his own monsters.”

  • “You gotta be cool when you’re macho man, cuz you can’t be sensitive and care about someone having a good time in bed, cuz that’s too scary… When you don’t use sensitivity when you’re having sex, or share some of your soul, nothing gonna happen, because men really get afraid. Men really get scared in bed.”

  • “Marriage is really tough because you have to deal with feelings… and lawyers.”

  • “I won’t talk about what it was like in prison, except to say I’m glad I’m out and that I plan never to go back and to pay my taxes every day.”

  • “I went through every phone book in Africa, and I didn’t find one god damned Pryor!”

  • “The black groups that boycott certain films would do better to get the money together to make the films they want to see, or stay in church and leave us to our work.”

  • “I’m for human lib, the liberation of all people, not just black people or female people or gay people.”

  • “Sure, I have friends, plenty of friends, and they all come around wantin’ to borrow money. I’ve always been generous with my friends and family, with money, but selfish with the important stuff like love.”

  • “You have to have lived some life. You’ve got to have paid some dues.”

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