Encouraging Quotes by Julius Erving

Encouraging Quotes by NBA Hall of Famer Julius Erving.

Julius Erving
Julius Erving
  • “I had to spend countless hours, above and beyond the basic time, to try and perfect the fundamentals.”

  • “And I continued to grow until I was 25 years old.”

  • “I think I started learning lessons about being a good person long before I ever knew what basketball was. And that starts in the home, it starts with the parental influence.”

  • “I liked the game, I enjoyed the game, and the game fed me enough, and gave me enough rewards to reinforce that this is something that I should spend time doing, and that I could possibly make a priority in my life, versus other sports.”

  • “If you get depressed about being the second-best team in the world, then you’ve got a problem.”

  • “Teachers are sort of faced with a thankless task, because no matter how good they are, unless they find a way to personally rationalize the rewards of their effort, nobody else is really going to do it for them en masse.”

  • “I keep both eyes on my man. The basket hasn’t moved on me yet.”

  • “In a lot of areas of my life, particularly in my teenage years, I began to think about the world, and to think about the universe as being a part of my conscious everyday life.”

  • “With the crowds on your side, it’s easier to play up to your potential.”

  • “One of the things in the back of my mind is that, after my sports experience, I never want to be, totally consumed by any one endeavor, other than my family life.”

  • “I’m here to watch the watch the champions and the would-be champions.”

  • “I am very proud to be featured, especially when you consider the outstanding champions who have had this honor. It is great company to be in.”

  • “I pulled the plug on it at a time that I thought was right for me to exit.”

  • “Goals determine what you’re going to be.”

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